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Tmurot Consulting Services


Tmurot facilitates result-oriented, organizational change processes, using unique methodologies and training. Tmurot sees itself as a partner in the development and implementation of change within an organization.

Organizational Development and Management of Change Processes

Tmurot has expertise in leading and managing short and long-term change processes in complex systems including:
  • Clarification and focus of organizational strategy
  • Definition of an organization's vision, values and culture
  • Delivery of strategy through Balanced Scorecard and systemic interventions
  • Organizational structure, and decentralization
  • Team building and Team development.
  • Performance management and development
Staff Development (Individual, Team and Managerial)
Tmurot considers training activities to be a very important part of the process of creating organizational change and empowering people within the organization. Therefore, we are experts in conducting training and development programs for individuals, teams, and managers.

Tmurot is also experienced in the development and execution of unique managerial development programs, which stress leadership, team management, and team work. The programs are built directly from realistic job situations of the managers, and we encourage managers to be involved in these programs by defining personal and organizational objectives.

Main methodologies
The process is tailored to the client's needs and abilities. We use unique methodologies, which are aimed at encouraging the involvement and contribution of large numbers of employees. These methodologies include:

  • Appreciative Inquiry - leading organizational development processes by defining objectives and creating high energy for change through appreciation and learning from best practices and defining critical success factors.
  • Open Space Technology -a short term process used to gather the general knowledge, wisdom, and abilities that exist in the organization. Participants are given the opportunity to express themselves, to discuss significant and relevant topics, suggest creative solutions and then to implement changes within the organization.
  • "Winning Concept" - deals with the phenomenon of individual, team, and organizational excellence. The concept contends that "Winners" are those people who are able to optimally actualize their individual, team and organizational potential and achieve significant results over time and under pressure.
  • Customer focused organizations - Tmurot has vast experience in the development and establishment of customer service systems and centers. We guide the organization in developing its concept of service, assimilating this concept, and training its employees in service skills. We do this through using unique methodologies which allow the organization to train their service-providers independently, at minimal cost and maximum effectiveness.
  • Outdoor training -Tmurot works with and trains managers and teams in the acquisition of these skills, using a combination of experiential learning methods, such as Outdoor Training.. Experiential learning in an out of doors setting allows for the creation of “real” situations, similar to those that arise on the job. The challenges and atmosphere created allow for high learning to occur.
  • Empathetic Communication - emphasizes effective management of communication through self awareness and respect for one own needs as well as otherws needs.
  • Self Leadership- as we will show you, leading yourself to personal and professional growth at work is of great benefit - not only to you, but to the organization as a whole.
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